What is an IP phone system?

An IP phone system is a phone system that uses Voice over ..



iTel Mobile Dialer

From REVE Systems (S) Pte. Ltd.: iTel Mobile Dialer Express is a mobile app



VoIP Benefits

VoIP integrates the global communications through the Internet



IOS Softphone

iTel Mobile Dialer Express is a mobile app for iPhone and other smartphones, offering a range of functionalities VoIP Calls from data enabled mobile phones (3G/4G or WiFi). For using this app, users will need an Operator Code (11993) while launch application the first time.

Go to AppStore iTel Mobile Dialer Express and then click Get

Click Open

The first launch application you need to input operator code (11993)

Input your account ID, Password and Caller ID created from your acccount management
Username 855XXXXXXX Account ID get from account management
Password YourPassword
Caller ID 855XXXXXXX Input the same username

If your account setup correctly you can make call and display your balance

Top Calls
  1. Cambodia
  2. USA
  3. Canada
  4. Australia
  5. Switzerland

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