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  • Tuesday, 30 November 2021

About Us

KHMERELITE Provide knowledge and share some information but we also provide service web hosting and domain registration (Decent price)


Our Web Hosting Platform
Having a one-stop hosting Control Panel is a wonderful thing, but it's not sufficient. We introduced a hosting platform driven by the winning combination of Linux and Apache, which permits us to guarantee you a hassle-free web hosting experience and to offer a ninety-nine point nine percent uptime guarantee! We are also partnering with a number of data centers situated in different continents. These are places with technicians devoted to keeping the web hosting servers up and running. And we offer a 24/7/365 customer service and a 1-hour trouble ticket response time guarantee, although our client care team representatives typically respond to all queries in no more than 20 minutes!


What Makes Us Special?
While most hosting distributors employ the ready-made cPanel as a basis of their hosting platforms, we decided to use the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel. The principal benefit of this hosting Control Panel is that it offers billing, web site and domain management options. This will save you the effort of signing in to different user interfaces to administer the things that belong to you. With the Hepsia Control Panel, you will have total command over all facets of your Internet presence and will be able to administer all your web sites and domains from a single location.