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  • Tuesday, 30 November 2021
What is SSH?

What is SSH?

Secure Shell, sometimes referred to as Secure Socket Shell, is a protocol that allows you to connect securely to a remote computer or a server by using a text-based interface.


When a secure SSH connection is established, a shell session will be started, and you will be able to manipulate the server by typing commands


System and network administrators use this protocol and as well as anyone who needs to manage a computer remotely in a highly secure manner default port 22 and also allow you to change any port for internal secure.


How Does SSH Work?

In order to establish an SSH connection, you need two components: a client and server-side and then SSH client is an application you install on the computer which you will use to connect to another computer or a server. The client uses the provided remote host information to initiate the connection and if the credentials verified, establishes the encrypted connection.


On the server’s side, there is a component called an SSH daemon that is constantly listening to a specific TCP/IP port for possible client connection requests. Once a client initiates a connection, the SSH daemon will respond with the software and the protocol versions it supports and the two will exchange their identification data. If the provided credentials are correct, SSH creates a new session for the appropriate environment.